Professional Profile

Brian Burak

Address: Burcorp., P.C.
40522 N North
Newport Drive
Antioch, IL 60002
Phone:(847) 456-1999


Northern Illinois University College of Law, J.D., 1993

University of Miami School of Law, LLM. in Real Property Development, 1994

Member of Illinois Bar and Florida Bar

Practice in area of Illinois Property Tax Code for over 28 years

General Counsel for National Indemnity Corp. 1998-2005

Represents Purchasers of Illinois Tax Liens for over 28 years

Represents parties seeking relief from the issuance of tax deeds.

Represents clients who have claims against the Indemnity Fund for loss of property for non-payment of property taxes. Click here to see Indemnity fund statute 35 ILCS 200/21-305.

Attorney Title policy issuing agent for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company.

Commercial Loan Lawyer