Successful Appeals

08-14-2018- Interstate Funding Corp. v. Meurer (In re Skidmore), 2018 Ill.App.2d 170369 (2 nd Dist. 2018). Successfully defended a tax deed against an alleged failure of strict compliance. 11-1-16- In re Application of County Collector, Stolat Financial, LLC v. Mark Varboncouer, Ionna Furnea, Municipal Trust Savings Bank, Interstate Funding Corp., and Galaxy Sites, LLC., 70 N.E. 3d 647 (2016). Successful defense of a tax deed against Lender, as successor in interest to FDIC’s allegation of improper notice. 11-20-14- Albert Rick II v. William LeFew, 2014 Ill.App.2d 140285-U* (Rule 23 Opinion). Successfully defended against McHenry County Treasurer’s argument that a former owner who lost property to the issuance of a tax deed was at fault and not entitled to relief from the Indemnity Fund. 3-29-00- In re Mary Blue, 247 B.R. 748 (2000). Successful defense of a tax deed against Legal Aid Foundation’s allegations that a tax buyer was not entitled to have the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy modified to proceed to tax deed.